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We are an online ministry; a community of women. My Heart's desire is for women to walk through life without the heaviness and burdens with an understanding of not having to portray herself as perfect but imperfectly, being healed by God’s love and mercy.


Be filled to overflow with love & joy of living life freely & taking authority over your day. Each new day walking in Freedom.

Time to Declare Life over Yourself!

Grow into your God given Identity as a Women.

From Trauma to Triumph!

This mentorship is faith based & Holy Spirit led:

Where inner healing, mental & physical health is a vital part of this journey.



Join the Mentorship

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  • Live Mid-Week Teachings.

  • Wed 8pm via Zoom

  • Live Morning Prayer

  • Tuesdays & Fridays

  • Interactive Private Facebook group

  •  Engaged Teachings

  • Pop up devotions

  •  Testimony Thursdays

  • Health, Fitness & Wellness

  • Resources

  • How to Pray and Fast


Can’t wait for your season of Growth & Restoration! Amen.

Monthly subscription
for women of all ages.

Vanessa Reyes, NY

This ministry has helped
me demolish the strongholds of unforgiveness that were robbing my peace and future. And friend,

this is just the beginning! How can you

use me God? In what ways can I Glorify

you? What will you do next in my life?

l'm here, ready to receive, and ready to go to war with these girls.

I Thank you Kassandra Morales for stepping out in faith

and forming this incredible community."

Cyndi, TX

"Tonight class was amazing ladies,
God is moving and breaking chain in Jesus name. There is power in the name of Jesus. This class touched a lot of areas in my life as far as myself, battling with kids, work and the list goes on, but as you where praying and speaking the Lord was just confirming that he has been with me through it all. I have been walking around w guilt, shame, unworthiness, not good enough and rejection for months after my separation that I failed to see that I was affecting my kids. This is a new beginning. Time for freedom from deep down In my heart.  God has been so good ladies. It has been a long process but I can praise him and give him thanks for everything he is doing. Thank you"

Yvonne Olivo, TX

"Today Wednesday night group
was sooo good.
Ladies I urge you to get connected!!
We talked about soooo much
in here today.
Mommas, wives an just WOMEN in general, NEED each other more than ever right now.
Thank you Kassandra Morales for answering this call of God, because it has definitely been evident, that this group could ONLY be his idea and Holy Spirit birthed and leads.
Thank you for always being a good leader an example to he rest of us mommas.
Thank you Jesus!!"

Araceli, TX

I have a testimony to share, during Tuesdays prayer over healing my need was mentioned unknowingly to Kassandra and it was amazing to hear, because God knew my pain and was reminding me that he can heal all things and all I have to do is ask and have faith in him. I had hurt my back and had been on meds for 5 days already. Since then I have been declaring healing over my body, today I was able to sleep without pain. Today I walked and sat without pain, it brings me to tears knowing that
God hears ME!



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